Monday, April 1, 2013

"Your Appendix is a Mystery" by Allan Wolf

Here is a "poem movie" for Allan Wolf's poem, "Your Appendix is a Mystery," created by graduate student Brienna Ayers.

This poem is featured in The Poetry Friday Anthology for Middle School in the sixth grade section, week 18, for the theme, "The Human Body." Brienna's film is a fun example of what kids themselves might try as they interpret poems with digital tools.


  1. Fun movie! I like the music you chose, Brienna!

    Whether the appendix is truly useless has come up for debate recently. For a cross-genre mini-lesson, students can read and discuss this article:

  2. That is just funny! I love seeing a personified appendix hanging out on a beach chair. This whimsical movie matches the poem - I'm giggling over here!

    1. But where else would the appendix hang out? Not really a "hang out at the mall" kind of personality . . . !!

  3. So funny! Those scissors heading for the appendix--ack! Can't wait to see more of these. You've probably already shared what resources and processes your students are using--programs, art, etc.--but if not, I'd love to see a post about that. Will go hunt now.

  4. Too funny! Sure to be a hit with middle school kids. Great job, Brienna!