Friday, April 5, 2013

"Safe in My Shell" by Ann Whitford Paul

Here are actually TWO "poem movies" in one for Ann Whitford Paul's poem, "Safe in My Shell," created by my graduate student, Dana. Dana very creatively offers a "literal" interpretation of the poem featuring the shy and retiring turtle, followed by a pensive "human" look at another meaning of the poem. Ingenious!

This poem is featured in The Poetry Friday Anthology for Middle School in the eighth grade section, week 6, for the theme, "On the Ground."

You MUST check out the amazing poet videos over at No Water River, too. Blogger and PFAMS poet, Renee LaTulippe, does brilliant work here. She's gathered a bunch of our amazing PFAMS poets reading their PFAMS poems-- thank you, all-- and even has Mary Skelly's classroom involved. See what amazing poetry work those kids are doing too!

Finally, don't miss the Poetry Friday party that PFA/PFAMS poet Robyn Hood Black is hosting over at Read, Write, Howl. See you there!


  1. How interesting to have a literal version and an interpretive version--a great discussion starter!

  2. I finally came over to see some of the movies, too, Janet & Sylvia. I've read Sylvia's posts, but kept forgetting about these. This is wonderful, will be terrific to use with middle school students, or even slightly younger. I can also think of the movies as mentor texts in another way, to allow students to see what is possible in repines to a poem. Thanks to your students & to you, Sylvia!

  3. Your students are doing such a fantastic job with these poem movies. I'm enjoying seeing how each person interprets her poem vocally and visually - such great variety so far!