Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"The Waking House" by Charles Ghigna

Here is a "poem movie" for Charles Ghigna's poem, "The Waking House," created by graduate student Casey Torisk. Check it out.

This poem is featured in The Poetry Friday Anthology for Middle School in the sixth grade section, week 12, for the theme, "House & Home."


  1. Great job, Casey! Kids will definitely identify with Charles Ghigna's poem--especially when paired with these familiar images!

  2. Thanks, Casey! I'm honored by the talent and time you put in to the creation of this amazing video! I can only imagine the endless hours you invested in finding the perfect images to fit each line. I enjoyed hearing your interpretation. You have such an expressive voice! Thank you for bringing my poem to life. I am so pleased you chose my poem and envy you for being in Dr. Vardell's class. She and poet Janet Wong are well-loved by not only the education community, but by readers and writers everywhere -- especially poets! ;-)

    1. Mr. Ghigna,
      I'm thrilled to have received a reply from you regarding my video. My own kids and I had so much fun with the images. They had the poem memorized by the time it was all put together. I am thoroughly enjoying Dr. Vardell's class and her encouragement to me and my classmates on how to appreciate poetry, as well as, teach it.
      Thank you again for taking time to reply.