Friday, June 28, 2013

Poetry Posters & Postcards

One of the things I love about poetry is how it conjures up images in our minds. What do you picture when you read a favorite poem? Talking about our (multiple) interpretations for a single poem is an interesting window into our own experiences and emotions. This is something young adults really "get." They enjoy linking poems they're reading with their own life experiences and understandings.

But they are also often surprised to discover that we can have very different images of the same poem. One way to highlight this imagistic power of poetry is to use poems in conjunction with images, matching poems and pictures that seem to go together. We have taken this idea and created several poem posters and postcards that pair poems with contemporary photographs. You can download and/or print them at the Pomelo Books site here

Here is one example from The Poetry Friday Anthology for Middle School, just to get you started.


  1. I really love this poem by Renee LaTulippe for several reasons, but most of all because:
    1. it celebrates "making"
    2. it works with a wide range of ages
    3. it will inspire young people to try something new

    Please share it far and wide!

  2. I want my students to be the MAKERS, not just the CONSUMERS.

    1. YES! I just read a good resource book about the Maker Movement: DESIGN, MAKE, PLAY: Growing the Next Generation of STEM innovators. The best thing about Making is that it develops courage. When they're actively experimenting/tinkering, they're bound to mess something up . . . and when they do, and see that the world didn't fall apart, they reach a whole other level.